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About Umi Feeds

Umi Feeds is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving healthy and nutritious meals to the hungry and homeless. We rescue food from catering events, grocery stores, restaurants, bar-mitzvah’s, and more.

We use the food that we rescued to operate weekly mobile feedings. We are passionate about connecting people where they are. This means we are often handing out food and supplies at midnight or later. Why? Because we are committed to showing compassion and connecting with people when they need us. 

Through our programs, we give people in need can access food and personal hygiene and sanitary products. We also offer cooking demonstrations to teach homeless men and women how to cook and prepare nutritious meals. 

Since 2015 we have served over 10,000 people in metro Atlanta, Miami, New York, and Mississippi!

Aunt Nadia Photo

Our Story

The seed for Umi Feeds was planted when our founder, Erica Clahar was a teenager in New York City.  She volunteered with her aunt Nadia, who also went by Ummi, to feed the homeless in Manhattan.  

Fast forward, some 25 years later where Erica found herself volunteering at an event with the City of Atlanta. At the end of the event she realized the leftover food was going to be thrown away. She asked if she could take the food and give it to the homeless in the neighborhood. In that very moment, Umi Feeds was born! 

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